To My Little Girl That Loves Blue

Below: Gracee’s version of a snow angel. Poor Texas baby. 

If anyone has ever read about our family, they will know that Stoney is definitely the writer in the bunch. Often times, I can screw a word up worse than a tongue tied toddler. And he isn’t just good at writing a story, he is also amazing at writing poems. Intricate, not all words matching poems. You are probably wondering where I am going with all of this. I promise, at some point this will all tie together. I told you I am not the writer of the two. Also, if you have read anything about my well worded husband, you would know that he has synesthesia, a neurological blending of the senses. If you haven’t heard of it, go google it. Lots of people read the definition and then think they have it because they associate numbers, or letters to color. That doesn’t mean you have it. Synesthete’s actually see color, is isn’t an association. Some may also hear color, taste color, or maybe even see color when they hear music.

With all of that being said, I did a lot of reading and research while pregnant with Gracee. I was super curious to know if synesthesia was a genetic condition. From my research, I found that it does tend to be genetic and that girls most commonly show signs of synesthesia. For Stoney, the thought of having someone like him to relate to has been almost more than he can stand. Gracee is now 4 and while we still aren’t sure if she has synesthesia, we feel like it is a great possibility that she may indeed. She has recognized and memorized her basic colors since a very very young age. She also has an innate ability to remember everyone she asks, their favorite color. It is kind of one of those things, you would just have to see it to believe it. We are pretty sure she doesn’t associate people with color at this point, as this is something she could definitely relay to us. What we do know is that she loves blue. Loves it. Like REALLY loves blue. Here is where it all finally ties together (everybody breathe your sigh of relief that I am finally getting to the point). Stoney has always thought it was hilarious (in a cute way I hope) when I try to write a poem. I go totally old school with it. You know, 3rd grade old school. It rhymes and stuff. So, I am giving him and my Gracee June this gift for her 4th birthday….

To My Little Girl That Loves Blue

with hair that has a golden hue.

You shine like the sun when you see someone you love.

I can’t help but wonder, if they have a color above.

You know I love pink and daddy loves yellow

one day, will these colors help you mellow.

To My Little Girl That Loves Blue

and never misses an I love you, cue.

How many colors do you see

when you look at me?

Or is it colors you hear

when daddy is near?

To My Little Girl That Loves Blue

I hope you never doubt how much we love you.

May all your colors bring love and light

while none of them remind you of night.

Regardless, of color or sight

I will always love you with all of my might.

Happy 4th birthday, my Gracee June.

M o r e   i n f o