COMING SOON {4th Annual Back To School Minis}

Back To School Minis ~!

Hey guys! I know I have lots of clients that look forward to these every year and I have to admit that I even cherish these for my girls. You will be getting a print release with this session so it isn’t like a school package where you are committing to weird photograph sizes that you’ll never use. Print the sizes YOU want! They will be quick 10-15 minute sessions in the shade so you and the kiddos don’t melt away in the heat. There will be some, minimal school decor, but most of this will be the personalization on your photo. And as always, some great close-ups, as to never forget their cute little miniature faces. I will also be including a chalk board printable download that incorporates all of your child’s current favorite things .

They will be August 4th and 5th.

These sessions will be $150 and include a print release for along with social media files for sharing on the social media site of your choice. You will also have the opportunity to print straight from me with a discount!!


Click HERE, to book your time!

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