A wife, mom, and photographer

photo by : Erica Mae Photography

A wife, mother, and photographer

Hi! My name is April Stamper and I am all things listed above and in that order. I am getting to do something I love for a living and it is so awesome! Pictured above is my super handsome husband, Stoney, and our 3 daughters. Our family has a lot of followers thanks to The Daddy Diaries on Facebook where people are able to follow our day to day shenanigans from my husbands perspective. Stories often entail not only our family but all the animals at our little farm. From bulldogs to bunnies, and mini horses that turn into Spring unicorns, we pretty much have it all. Some sessions actually take place at our property with our old ugly red barn that happens to be quite photogenic! If by chance we ever have a session together, you may see some of the uniqueness mentioned above or maybe just 3 girls running around barefoot and jumping on their trampoline with a goat.


Besides taking photographs of all these wonderful people, I am also getting to collect old junk that other people no longer want and use them in your photos! Myself and a fellow friend whom is also a photographer herself, had the opportunity to open a studio in Troup, Texas and we jumped on it! We now have the ability to give our newborns and younger clients a great open space with tons of natural light for their sessions. Along with the space for sessions, we also have tons of space for unique props that we are able to incorporate into all of our outdoor sessions we still have for families, seniors, maternity, and couples.

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